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About the OT Helpdesk

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hd_category_aboutOrchestral Tools - finest symphonic sampling project stands for world-class sampled collections, recorded at one of the best (we think THE best) scoring stages in the world and meticulously created by our full-time editing team.
But we also stand for stellar support, direct customer interaction and the firm believe that your investment deserves that after a purchase your direct interaction with Orchestral Tools has only just begun.

Help when you need it

You bought a collection and are eager to use it. Then something happens, you send an email to some obscure ticketing system... and don't hear anything for weeks. Sounds familiar?
We do not work and think that way. We want you to be up and running swiftly with your purchase. This is why we have this Helpdesk, where you can find answers to commonly asked questions, as well as detailed Installation and User Guides for all collections. You can also find Folder Structures and File Listings here to make everything is installed correctly.

We are positive you will find an answer to your question here. If you do not, or if you want to contact us for any other reason, simply send us an email and we will reply within a working day, usually much faster. We do not use any overly complex ticketing systems and similar things on purpose. No need to log in anywhere, no need to register for an account and solve captchas all day long. Just send an email and you will get help.

A Virtual Circle

We appreciate your trust in Orchestral Tools collections. We are composers and we make tools for composers - hence the name :) This is why we are always happy about your feedback!
Your suggestions continue to help thousands of users to get new and improved versions. With almost all our collections sharing a common framework, any work done to one of them benefits all collections. Whether bug reports, feature suggestions or ideas for new projects - we are happy to receive them!

Tools wrapped around your workflow

Sampled Collections are tools for a trade. We want these tools to be as flexible as possible, enabling you to write great pieces.
The Helpdesk apart from its tech support function also aims to help you make the most out of your tools with extensive user guides and other information. New content is added regularly. You can check the News section to see what is new.


The Our Collections section has some more info about what we do, etc!

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