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Articulation Guides

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hd_category_collectionsAll Orchestral Tools collections come with an Articulation Guide tailored to this particular collection. These Articulation Guides list all instruments and articulations in the collection and explain usage scenarios and properties of all patches.

hd_mini_questionWhere to find the Articulation Guide after you purchased a collection

The Articulation Guide is linked to in the collection's Documentation folder to be download from this Helpdesk as a standard PDF file, which you can open with any PDF viewer.
An online version is available to read directly here, too.

Articulation Guide Online Version

The Articulation Guide applicable to all Orchestral Tools collections is also available online. Click on the link to go to the start page. The online version has full-text search and is fully indexed with keywords.

hd_tiny_readView the Articulation Guide online


View and Download Articulation Guides

All Articulations Guides are constantly updated and expanded.

The table below lets you download the most current version of every collection's Articulation Guide.

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