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Beta Testing and Demo Writing

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hd_topic_betaWe pride ourselves on our extensive QA process, which is based on real-world usage of pre-release versions of upcoming collections by our awesome beta team as well as countless in-house test cases.
Our small and versatile demo team which is also heavily involved in the QA process delivers demo tracks for our website, videos and other materials.

Beta Testing

We would be hard off without our loyal and hard-working beta team, the unsung heroes of any software product. These brave men and women try their hardest to find every little niggle in upcoming collections and influence product planning as well as updates.
We want our beta testers to be firmly grounded in music technology, with experience in using Kontakt and willing to use pre-release collections in their daily work.
Their work is rewarded not only by a direct line to our QA and development teams, but only by a number of exciting perks not available to anyone else.
If you think you would be a perfect fit for our team, contact us.

Demo Writing

Our small demo team makes sure customers get a good and honest impression of all Orchestral Tools collections.
For this reason we prefer demo pieces without much use of outside elements; preferably only using a specific collection or series.
We try to minimize post-processing, usually only adding a touch of reverb.
Generally, new demo writers are contacted by us based on the music they write. If you think you would be a great addition to our demo team, contact us and make sure to send a bunch of audio examples.

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