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hd_category_documentationAll Orchestral Tools Collections come with a detailed Documentation helping you to make the most out of your collections. This includes a User Guide detailing the general features of the collection, an Installation Guide to ensure a hassle-free installation and an Articulation Guide that lists all articulations.
All these guides are linked to in the Documentation folder of the respective collection and can be downloaded from this Helpdesk. Click below to jump to a category or use the navigation on the left.

We work hard to provide you with the best possible documentation - before and after purchase.

Read the guides provided here to learn about which Orchestral Tools collections are right for you and what they contain. These Articulation Guides also contain detailed information about the content.
During installation and use, the Installation and User Guides have you covered.

Because almost all our collections use the very same installation and use methodology, you will have no issues mastering their use!

Articulation Guides


Installation Guides


User Guides

hd_category_collectionsThe articulation Guides tell you all about the content and scope of all OT Collections. They include patch lists with detailed information about note ranges, velocity layers, capabilites, round robins, etc.


hd_start_documentationThe Installation Guides help you getting your OT Collection installed. Guides are available for individual collections as well as for all collections together in one document.


hd_category_documentationThe User Guides show you how to use your OT Collections. Being based on the same backend framework, learning to use one collections means you can use all of them!

hd_tiny_downloaddownload individual PDF articulation guides


hd_tiny_downloaddownload individual PDF installation guides


hd_tiny_downloaddownload individual PDF user guides

hd_tiny_readview the online articulation guide for all collections


hd_tiny_readview the online installation guide with search


hd_tiny_readview the online user guide with search




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Our FAQ section answers a lot of common questions.

If you are unsure about the state of your installation:
- Folder Structures show you how your installation should look
- File Listings let you make sure you have all files downloaded that are needed


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