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Welcome to the OT Helpdesk

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Welcome to the Orchestral Tools Helpdesk!

hd_category_welcomeThis Helpdesk serves as the heart of our Customer Support and gives you access to detailed information about how to install and use all Orchestral Tools collections.
The About the OT Helpdesk section tells you a bit about our philosophy and what this Helpdesk aims to do - recommended reading ;)


ot_logo_whitebgYou will find the current Installation GuidesArticulation Guides and User Guides for all Orchestral Tools collections here, as well as a detailed Knowledgebase about all things OT.
The sidebar on the left contains all topics, you can also use the search function to search for a specific topic.
The whole Helpdesk is fully indexed with keywords, which you can browse via the second navigation tab on the left.

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  WHAT IS NEW? | The Organic Samples series joins the Orchestral Tools family! | Berlin Harpsichords brings two great Harpsichords from the Teldex Stage!


Folder Structures
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File Listings
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Articulation Guides

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Frequently Asked Questions

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GLORY DAYS - Big Band Horns


Getting familiar with your collections

Our Collections

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About Kontakt - and which one you need

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Capsule - what it is and how does it work?

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We hope this Helpdesk helps you make the most of your Orchestral Tools collections.
If you have any questions that are not answered here, by all means get in touch with us!

The Orchestral Tools team

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